January 11, 2005

Two Boots Brooklyn

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We ate at Two Boots Brooklyn the other night. A fun place, good pizza. Hilleary was put off by their sopressata, which she thought didn’t have enough flavor outside of pure pig fat (guess we won’t be trying the Lardo at Otto*). I thought it was fine. They don’t offer the specialty pies (e.g., the Larry Tate, Mr. Pink, or Newman) that are featured at their Manhattan locations (is this restaurant even related to the Manhattan locations?), but they offer most of the same ingredients, so you can build your own (except the Mr. Pink—no marinated chicken). I have tried their cajun specialties in the past and wasn’t too impressed.

* Just for the record (and some snob points), that’s “oh-toh” as in “eight” in Italian**, not “ah-toh” as in a heavy-set German man.

** The restaurant is on 8th St (and is Italian), although its address is inexplicably 1 Fifth Ave.

UPDATE: For the record, Hilleary was not merely “put off” by the sopressata, but was disgusted by it. I apologize for the error.


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