October 21, 2006

"Go Fuck Yourself" is the new "Is The New"

Filed under: Not Tech — Chris @ 4:31 pm

If you read the light news in New York, you must have come across this obnoxious phrase. As in: “South Bronx is the new Williamsburg” and “Tuesday is the new Thursday.” Today, the New York Times brings us “40 is the new 30.” The units are dollars; the product is entrees; the construction is, like, so over.

“Is the new” rests on the following unacceptable pretensions: (a) some class of people who are relevant to your life are sick of “the old” whatever; (b) the whole world is hungry for “the new” one. But guess what? I hate Williamsburg and I don’t need a new one; Thursday is just fine—a little better than Tuesday, actually; and if I can afford a restaurant that charges me thirty or forty bucks for an entree, I should just shut the fuck up and stop complaining.

[UPDATE] It’s the “Quotation of the Day”! I think the New York Times editors are trying to incite a Communist revolution (reliable leftists that they are).


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