October 7, 2006

New Iraq-ica

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So, let me see: the Cylons were drawn to New Caprica by evidence of nuclear weaponry; the decided to invade and occupy in order to help improve the humans way of life; are surprised by a committed and fierce resistance, getting trapped in a cycle of increasing violence and repression; recruit and train native police who are put to use as death squads, while the insurgency decides to experiment with suicide bombings targetting “collaborators”…

Nope, doesn’t sound familiar at all.

The situation for the humans of the 12 Colonies continues to be bleak. Can Starbuck be stupid enough to actually fall for that cloying little moppet? (I thought she was working up the courage to snap the kid’s neck when the “accident” happened.) Will Apollo go low-carb or low-fat? Will Adama shave off that damn moustache? How will Roslin manage to survive a Centurion firing squad? (Or will BG suddenly become a show where major characters can die? (Billy doesn’t count. Billy was lame.)) What is the game plan here, Cylons? And, hey, Caprica Six, are you sure that sweaty, small little man is the object of your transcendent love?

[UPDATE 10/8/2006] Expert commentary here and here. A chat with the creators and cast here.

October 6, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

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Go forth and watch it. I beg you. 9 PM EST on the Sci Fi Channel. Check your local listings. If you don’t believe me, there’s a fairly convincing case towards the end of this post, written by a real honest-to-god professional.

Don’t let the channel scare you: there’s almost no science in this fiction, really none in the “if we reverse the polarity of the positrons we can inhibit the valence of their gamma ray field!” vein. Yes, it is set in space. But here’s what it’s really about: a human race on the brink of extinction, making hard choices, and being scared out of their fucking minds. Go watch! Good good good!

[UPDATE 10/6/2006] There’s an official primer. Season 2 marathon all day today on Sci Fi. “The Story So Far” airs at 5 PM. All previous seasons are available on DVD.

You have no excuse! Only your milquetoast aversion to high quality television!

October 4, 2006

The Decemberists’ "The Crane Wife"

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I’ve only listened to it once, so a grain of salt, but I think The Decemberists’ “The Crane Wife” might be the best album that ever was or ever will be. They’ve brought back some of the crunch of “The Tain” and skipped the musical-theater preciousness of “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” (which I liked! But still!).

Note to Stephen: this is twee. Pooping back and forth is quirky. (And may get you ejected from the House GOP caucus. After, you know, five or ten years.)

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