December 29, 2006


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Blogger has introduced Post Labels and Label-specific Site Feeds. If you are not interested in Linux device drivers and are absolutely certain that you never will be, you might like to try subscribing to: Site Feed (NotTech)

If you think I’m particularly fascinating on the subject of politics, you might try:
Site Feed (Politics)

If you’re in the market for videos of men getting hit in the crotch with a baseball and white men who should know better saying “Nigger” over and over, try:
Site Feed (YouTube)
(That one is going to be really low frequency.)

And if you wait up every night for a new post on device drivers, try:
Site Feed (Tech)

NOTE TO BLOGGER: It would be cool if the Site Feeds could add and subtract tags rather than just subscribing to single tags. E.g., instead of a “NotTech” tag, I could have a “ProcrastiBlog minus Tech” feed. Or “Politics plus YouTube”. Or whatever.


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