February 21, 2007

Jump, Jump!

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Speaking of sharks, remember when that was a website and not just a cliche? The vast majority of people who bothered to vote seem to think The Gilmore Girls took a wrong turn sometime in the last two seasons (this is ignoring “Never Jumped” voters, who are ignorant pigs).

My own feeling is that the show started to decline in quality around the time that Rory started seriously dating Logan and did a nosedive after she became disillusioned and dropped out of Yale. Which, you’ll recall, was the same time that she started flirting with DAR membership and stopped speaking to Lorelai—a more severe case of misunderstanding your own show’s core appeal I have never seen. It was like sending the cast of ER to spend a summer at the happy puppy farm.

I watch too much TV! It’s embarrassing!


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