October 3, 2007

Top Chef Pre-Show

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My heart is with Hung. Dude’s got mad skills. The worst charge leveled at him so far is that his food lacks “soul” and is not “him.”* I have a feeling, if he stays focused, produces at his usual high level, and surprises them with some tasty, “soulful” food, he can take the prize. I don’t know, somehow I just identify with the cerebral social outcast. He is Marcel’s revenge.

I will not be in the least surprised or upset if Casey wins. She’s been consistently excellent, especially in the second half of the season (with the notable exception of the Onion Incident). She’s smart, likeable, and cute as a button. If Bravo has anything to say about it, she’s a shoe-in.

I will be surprised but not terribly upset if Dale wins. He has a tendency to lose his head in the heat of competition (e.g., miscounting his servings, forgetting his sauce) and is far more prone to misfires (especially, for some reason, adding too much hot pepper) than either Hung or Casey. He also has a hideous faux-hawk. So there’s that.

* I love the following, from a Village Voice interview with Hung: “What does that mean, when [Colicchio] says ‘We don’t see Hung.’? What should I do, make sweet and sour chicken and wontons? I’m trained in French food. I love French food. That is me.”


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