October 4, 2007


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Well, then! Congratulations to Chef Hung! I think it was as simple as (to paraphrase Howard Hawks) “one great dish, no bad dishes.” I was very surprised to see Casey self-destruct in that way. I think she had a more than 50% chance going in and then… what happened? The only dish the judges like was… Howie’s? And she admitted it too! (Take that, Tiffany!)

A note to future cheftestants: I do not advocate ever making a dessert. If it’s good, the best you’ll get is a “meh” (as Hung did last night) and, if it’s bad, your judgment will be called into question (“Why did you choose to make a dessert? Was that the very best dish you could have presented?”). You will not get points for “daring.” Nor does it matter that any paying customer would demand something sweet at the end of a tasting menu: the judges aren’t paying customers and you aren’t a pastry chef. Stick to what you know.


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