January 20, 2008

The Delegate Strategy

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So, yeah, I’m a crank, but I’m not alone:

At the end of the day, you need delegates to win. A strategy to win delegates seems like a smart strategy.

The current fake tally is:

Clinton: 3
Obama: 1
Edwards: 0

Romney: 3
McCain: 2
Huckabee: 1

The current real tally is:

Obama: 38
Clinton: 36
Edwards: 18

Romney: 59
McCain: 41
Huckabee: 26

So who’s the front-runner again?

That said, less than 3% of the total delegates have been allocated on the Democratic side (it’s about 6% on the Republican side—presumably because red states like South Carolina and Wyoming get proportionately more delegates). What I expect will happen is that Clinton (and probably Romney) will win a slim majority or plurality February 5 (“Super Tuesday”) and more-or-less clinch the nomination. (I am willing to make a wager on that proposition. Anybody?)

In the end, I don’t think the “emotional moment” in New Hampshire or “momentum” have much to do with Clinton’s success. I think she has solid, proven support amongst the Democratic electorate, which just happens to be slightly larger in magnitude than Obama’s.

In retrospect, the real question will be: why did Obama do so well in Iowa? With Huckabee, you can point to the evangelical factor. What’s the deal with Obama?


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