June 8, 2008

Top Chef and BSG Catch-Up

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I have been remiss in blogging Top Chef and Battlestar Galactica this year. Suffice it to say I’m watching and enjoying, but my ardor for both has somewhat dimmed.

Unlike previous seasons of Top Chef, I don’t have a real rooting interest in any of the cheftestants this year. If I were forced to choose I would guess Richard is probably going to win (he’s about as well-liked as Stephanie and more consistent). I—along with the rest of the world—loathe Lisa, but she’s just kind of a bad trip, not really a boo-hiss, lie-to-your-face villain in the Tiffani/Omarosa mold. An interesting bit of data, for those Lisa-haters who suspect they are suffering from an irrational aversion to her attitude, looks, and posture: she has—by far—the worst record of any cheftestant to appear in a Top Chef finale (1 Elimination win, 1 place, no Quickfire wins; she has been up for elimination or on the losing team in the last seven consecutive episodes (!)). Incidentally, Richard (3 Elimination wins, 5 places, and 2 Quickfire wins) and Stephanie (4 Elimination wins, 5 places, and 1 Quickfire win) have by far the best records of any previous cheftestant, period. (In comparison, the previous three winners (Harold, Ilan, and Hung) had only 4 Elimination wins total.)

On the other side, BSG has been doing a lot of the mythical flim-flam (I don’t really care where Earth is or whether they ever find it) and not so much of the intense post-9/11 fractured-mirror business that made the first three seasons so addictive. The characters have been getting pushed around the chessboard willy-nilly without much attention paid to consistency or plausibility (to wit: President Lee Adama), all in service of a presumed “mind-blowing” series finale (to arrive not before calendar year 2009, as I understand it) that I am quite certain will disappoint (I’m not going to be X-Files‘ed ever again).

So there’s your TV-blogging for the year. Back to work.


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