August 27, 2008

Finding the Trash in GNOME

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GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer

GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer

I somehow moved a file owned by root into the Trash, then I couldn’t make it go away: “Empty Trash” failed with permission problems. Thanks to the Ubuntu Geek blog—and especially commenter Ayenack—I found the secret location of the trash:


The files in this folder can be chmod‘d and rm‘d just like any others (e.g.,

rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/*

is observationally equivalent to “Empty Trash”).

NOTE: The (otherwise very cool) GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer (aka Baobab) moves files to ~/.Trash—which is not the Trash—on “Move to Trash.” This is annoying.

[UPDATE 9/8/2008] If you do gksudo nautilus and delete files, then click on the trash icon in Nautilus it says, “The folder contents could not be displayed…” and “Empty Trash” is grayed out. But the files are in /root/.local/share/Trash, as you might expect. Just do

sudo rm -rf /root/.local/share/Trash/*


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