January 27, 2009

One Down, One to Go

Filed under: Top Chef — Chris @ 10:33 am

Hosea speaks:

When I returned home, I told my girlfriend — one of the sweetest women on earth — what happened. She was willing to forgive me. Our relationship was never the same. We are no longer together. So I have to live with my mistakes and try and grow as a person from it.

We’ll have to wait for Leah’s exit interview next week to find out how long her boyfriend waited before breaking up with her.

Hosea, a question: considering the fact that your relationship was over the first time you spooned Leah in front of a television camera (which was, what, Episode 2?), don’t you wish you had skipped all the footsie and the furtive smooching and just properly cheated on the poor girl?


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