January 9, 2005


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Hello. My name is Christopher Conway. I am a graduate student in Computer Science at Columbia University and I live in the Park Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn. I will use this blog to post occassional reviews of restaurants and other things that might be of interest to some small part of the public.

I’m starting this blog for the most part to test Brad DeLong‘s method of letting Google keep track of your life. Recently, I was at a restaurant (Coco Roco on 5th Ave around 6th St in Park Slope) that I had been to a handful of times over the last few years and I realized I had forgotten what I had tried there and how it was. So from now on (at least some of the time), I am going to blog my meals and use this blog archive in place of brain cells. It is unclear whether anyone in the world but me will find this interesting.

So, for Coco Roco:

  1. I am told that I have enjoyed the chicken in the past. It is incredibly cheap ($5 for a half a bird; most entrees are two or three times that).
  2. The ceviche is uniformly excellent.
  3. The sangria is quite tasty. Not too sweet and a little light on the fruit.
  4. The “Pescados con Tacu Tacu” (or something like that) — red snapper with yucca — was pretty terrible. The fish was dry and chewy. The yucca was chalky. A side of beans and rice was the only edible thing on the plate.
  5. Inka cola tastes like bubble gum. Yuck.
  6. I must try the chocolate empanada someday. It sounds wonderful.

Speaking of empanadas, look for lady with a cart on 5th Ave around 14th or 15th St on weekends. She sells delicious fresh empanadas with chicken, beef or cheese (queso blanco) for $1. It would be a deal at twice the price.


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  1. Andrew Samwick writes, apropos of New York food:

    “My favorite on-line merchant, at least in the area of food, is Jacques Torres Chocolates. Located in the area of Brooklyn known as DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), this guy makes the best chocolates I have ever tasted…”

    Comment by brad — January 10, 2005 @ 12:03 am

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