July 5, 2006

Happy Fifth!

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Had a Fourth of July party last night, attended by a majority of the American ex-pats in the office. In the run-up, I think I convinced my Indian co-workers I’m a John Bircher, which is pretty funny considering how much time I’ve spent thinking about what country I will move to in 2008* if George Allen becomes president**.

We did all the things Americans like to do: drinking beer, eating hot dogs (thanks Jonathan!), talking about television, confusing the German, and teasing the Canadians. In a show of progressive internationalism, we sat through 119 scoreless minutes of soccer*** with only moderate whining. (Granted, that last minute was pretty damn exciting. And I jumped out of my chair as the only other foreign country I’ve been in for more than 2 weeks earned its spot in the finals.)

God Bless America. Especially the Supreme Court. Happy belated Fourth!

* Not that I didn’t spend plenty of time on similar themes in 2004/2005, but other factors intervened. I might actually be finished with my degree by 2008, knock on wood.

** I pose George Allen as a most-likely/least-acceptable exemplar—he is a deeply odd and odious character. Bill Frist and Sam Brownback would be similarly unacceptable. I’d probably stick around to see how John McCain turns out…

*** For a while, I tried to be “culturally sensitive” and call it football, but you know what? “Soccer” is semantically unambiguous. You know what I’m talking about. Get over it.


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