July 6, 2006

Some perspective

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Remember the elevator console Chris was so impressed by?

Elevator Console

With a sense of perspective, it’s interesting to even non-computer geeks.


(Sadly, I do not see much of the World’s Largest Calculator. Because after having worked in this apartment for a week or so I feel that I have a good estimate of the probability of the power going out at any given moment, and feel that the elevator is not the safest bet, unless you want to spend some quality time with the calculator.)


Matthew Yglesias: Punditry’s Golden God

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I’m adding Matthew Yglesias’ blog to my Blogroll as of today—despite his rank over-exposure as a blogger at Josh Marshall’s site, The American Prospect, and his own personal site, as well as having the dubious honor of being in Andrew Sullivan’s eponymous awards pantheon—and despite his frequent mis-spellings, his blind spot for homonyms, and his, you know, verbal tics—and despite his being only 25 and having been a prominent liberal pundit before he even graduated college, which puts me in a murder-suicide frame of mind—because the man is always right about everything.

Other recent additions: the brother-in-law; the pseudonymous friend with a great idea and no business plan.

Browser Wars Strike Back

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A cross-browser HTML rendering bug has caused the bodies of my posts to disappear in IE for the past I-don’t-know-how-many days. My bad. I only ever use Firefox unless I need to access the MS payroll site or something.

For those who care, the problem was I introduced some HTML comments to the blog template, using “--!>” as a terminator. This works in Firefox, but not in IE. The result is the entire post becomes a comment and doesn’t display in the browser window. (It’s still there if you View Source, of course.)

Comment poll: who visited the site and didn’t see anything? Who visited the site and didn’t see anything and didn’t bother to email me about it? Or are all my hordes of readers non-IE? (If so, you should really consider some of Microsoft’s fine products.)

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