July 6, 2006

Browser Wars Strike Back

Filed under: Not Tech — Chris @ 9:13 am

A cross-browser HTML rendering bug has caused the bodies of my posts to disappear in IE for the past I-don’t-know-how-many days. My bad. I only ever use Firefox unless I need to access the MS payroll site or something.

For those who care, the problem was I introduced some HTML comments to the blog template, using “--!>” as a terminator. This works in Firefox, but not in IE. The result is the entire post becomes a comment and doesn’t display in the browser window. (It’s still there if you View Source, of course.)

Comment poll: who visited the site and didn’t see anything? Who visited the site and didn’t see anything and didn’t bother to email me about it? Or are all my hordes of readers non-IE? (If so, you should really consider some of Microsoft’s fine products.)


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