July 19, 2006

Exit Tobi, Enter Pain

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Last night was Tobi’s last in Bangalore. He’s off to Delhi to stand outside the Pakistani embassy for four days in the rain*. A bunch of us went out to Opus to bid him farewell. Tobi is a lot of fun; I will miss him.


When we left Opus, we went back to the office and set up some drums on the roof. Then we jammed.

Jamming on the roof

After jamming a while, we started playing with the kickboxing equipment. I put on some boxing gloves and hit this punching bag about as hard as I could.

Punching Bag*

Turns out the punching bag is filled with sand and has been sitting on the roof for months. So it’s filled with wet sand. Which might as well be concrete. My hand hurt.

It hurt really bad actually. But I could move my fingers and everything, so I figured I was OK. But when I went to work this morning and tried to type, I couldn’t really do anything without wanting to cry. Prasad recommended a doctor.

The Doctor Examines the Patient

Who recommended an X-ray.

Right Hand X-Ray, Oblique

It seems I may have a hairline fracture near my wrist. She prescribed an Ace bandage and some Extra Strength Tylenol. The total cost for my visit, X-ray, bandage and all, was Rs 620 (about US $14).

The Hand, The Bandage

Now I’m all better. Except I can’t use my damn hand.

* By choice. He wants to travel through Pakistan**.

** Also by choice.


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