January 19, 2007

Why It’s OK to Agree with Hippies

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LizardBreath makes the case for carrying puppets:

My knee-jerk reaction to “hippies”, any sort of silly, embarrassing leftists, is that while I don’t want to be seen with them, I probably agree with them about most things. Even if their politics are reflexive and not well thought out, they’re using basically the right rules of thumb, and on any issue that I haven’t thought out thoroughly myself, I’m more likely than not to come down on the same side as they do. Where I haven’t figured out an opinion that I can solidly back up yet, and usually where I have, I’m lining up with the people dressed as sea turtles…

You can’t successfully get anything right by trying to avoid agreeing with silly people. There are too many silly people, and they’re all over the map — no matter how sane, or well reasoned, or intelligent some position is, some absolute ninny out there agrees with it. The best thing to do is not to let prejudice affect your decision-making. But if you’re going to be swayed by prejudice, and we all are, trying to avoid idiots is going to lead you astray — better you should align yourself with the gang of idiots who you think have the best track record generally.

Follow those liberal idiots!


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