January 10, 2007

JPEGs in Subversion

Filed under: Tech — Chris @ 8:41 pm

If you’ve got a JPEG under Subversion and it looks like this

when it should look like this
maybe Subversion thinks it’s a text file. Try

svn propdel svn:eol-style MY.jpg
svn propset svn:mime-type image/jpeg MY.jpg

Brought to you courtesy of this guy

Bonus fact: if you’re accessing Subversion via svn+ssh and it asks for your password more than once, fret not. Subversion and SSH are just really dumb. See here.


Person of the Year Update

Filed under: Not Tech, Politics — Chris @ 4:57 pm

Twenty-four hours later my comment still hasn’t shown up. (And, no, it didn’t include any slander, profanity, or links to pornography.) Despite the fact this post is lighting up the left-of-center blogosphere like a Christmas tree, it has only 16 comments so far. Nice participating in your community,…

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