June 15, 2007

Taking Direction

Filed under: Not Tech, Waste of Time — Chris @ 12:22 am

Is there a way to give feedback when Google Maps gives you a bum steer? This morning, I was driving from Westfield to Murray Hill in New Jersey and Google Maps advised me to turn North on Union Ave in Scotch Plains and cross Route 22 (here). The only problem is that there’s a concrete divider on Route 22 at Union Ave (which is clearly visible here) and it’s not possible to cross there. I had to go a few miles East on 22 to Glenside Ave. Luckily, I knew where I was at that point; if not, I would have been screwed.

Now, I’m the kind of good citizen who fixes grammar on Wikipedia and blogs about bugs in GCC. I’d like to tell Google about their terrible mistake and give them a chance to make it up to me. But I can’t find any email address or web form that seems appropriate.

It may be the case that they don’t want feedback. After all, why should they trust me on this? Oh, well.


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