June 23, 2008

Ripping a Muxtape

Filed under: Tech — Chris @ 2:50 pm

So Muxtape is a pretty cool site, but a little frustrating. If a friend posts a really cool mixtape (maybe you know somebody who just barely entered the Aughties), it would be nice to be able to download it and save it, just like all those old cassette mixtapes sentimentally rotting underneath your bed.

Enter muxrip. This simple Ruby script takes the name of the mixtape, downloads it, and creates a playlist for you in M3U or iTunes format. (Acknowledgments: the script basically just adds some polish to this previous effort.)

PLEASE: Use this script responsibly. It would be a shame for Muxtape to get shut down.

ALSO: I wouldn’t be surprised if this suddenly stopped working. It depends on elements of the page layout and URL scheme that might (almost certainly will) change without notice.


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