November 22, 2008

An Intrepid Upgrade

Filed under: Linux — Chris @ 3:45 pm

Intrepid Ibex

Every Ubuntu upgrade gets a little bit better, but they are never painless. Why is that?

  • Wifi didn’t work at first, or after a reboot, or after the next one. But then it started working—I don’t know why—and it’s fine. The blinking light is annoying, though.
  • Sound completely died: any attempt to play a sound would yield a quiet crackling noise from the speakers. The semi-official PulseAudio HOWTO didn’t help (though it didn’t hurt). It turns out the PCM setting in alsamixer was at 0. Jacking that up fixed the problem. (Thanks to psyke83 on the Ubuntu forums.)
  • Boot-up doesn’t drop down to the console for interminable fsck runs, which is nice.
  • Ibexes are cool, but the old logo was better.

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