August 26, 2009

BibTeX Journal Abbreviations

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Ladies and gentlemen, a list of BibTeX’s built-in journal abbreviations, of which Google is largely ignorant:

acmcs: ACM Computing Surveys
acta: Acta Informatica
cacm: Communications of the ACM
ibmjrd: IBM Journal of Research and Development
ibmsj: IBM Systems Journal
ieeese: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
ieeetc: IEEE Transactions on Computers
ieeetcad: IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits
ipl: Information Processing Letters
jacm: Journal of the ACM
jcss: Journal of Computer and System Sciences
scp: Science of Computer Programming
sicomp: SIAM Journal on Computing
tocs: ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
tods: ACM Transactions on Database Systems
tog: ACM Transactions on Graphics
toms: ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
toois: ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems
toplas: ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
tcs: Theoretical Computer Science

The availability of the above will depend on your chosen bibliographystyle. They are provided by all of the built-in styles (e.g., plain, abbrv, unsrt, etc.).


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