July 25, 2006

Indian Trains

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The only thing worse than the Indian train reservation website is… the reservation booth at any train station in India. There is no such thing as an orderly queue at the train station.

H and I had a pretty bad day trying to deal with the trains yesterday, which I guess climaxed at the ticket window in Chandigarh where I put my arm over the shoulder of a man who had shamelessly cut in front of me, shoved the reservation slip through the window*, and exclaimed, “Look at me with my long arms! I guess I’m in front of you! How about that? I’m number one!” and then laughed maniacally.

I’m not proud of it. Much.

* This is the only factor which determines who is helped and when in the train station line. It doesn’t matter when you joined the line, where you are standing, or even how loud you shout and how hard you shove… All that matters is whether your reservation slip and cash are within the most convenient reach of the clerk.


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  1. Despite generally disagreeing with all your criticism of Indian transport, I have to admit that this one is… 100% accurate. It’s a good ting I generally don’t have a machete or another sharp or blunt weapon when standing in line.
    Greetings from Delhi (Pak visa’s in the bag, Chinese in the pipeline)


    Comment by tobi k — July 26, 2006 @ 1:28 pm

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