September 7, 2006

Invitation to Waste an Hour (Or More)

Filed under: YouTube — Chris @ 5:22 pm

Is lonelygirl15 real? Is she suspiciously attractive, entertaining, and well lit? You decide! Watch her videos. Watch her boyfriend’s videos. Wonder and marvel! The New York Times summarizes the case, for and against.

[UPDATE] The New York Times’ Virginia Hefferman is completely and totally obsessed to to the point where she’s starting to freak me out. Sort of a lot, actually.

[UPDATE 2] Freak out!

One of the interesting side stories here—besides the well known rip-remix-burn subculture on YouTube (e.g., the Monkey press conference, I am the very model…)—is the idea of “response videos” which work like blog trackbacks. You’ve got gohepcat, The Mirrored Cowboy; guys trying to hit on her; girls trying to hit on him; and people who just want to help. It’s a scene, man.

[UPDATE 9/12/2006] Aw, man.


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