May 8, 2006


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So I’m going through all my stuff before I leave and I decide to take a look at my Useful Things Wiki, a very modest attempt on my part to share with the world various bits of helpful trivia that are, as yet, un- or nearly-un-Google-able and… While I wasn’t looking someone has decided to take a gigantic crap in the commons. Which is to say that every single page on the site has been replaced with link spam.

And these suckers are tenacious. As I started to revert the site back its natural state, someone is simultaneously re-clobbering the site with spam! Ack!

Any Wiki tips from the good folks of the Internet? I don’t want to lock down the site, because that’s completely beside the point. I’ve enabled the ApprovedUrls feature of PmWiki and put a password on the whitelist page, which will presumably make spamming the site less attractive, but this doesn’t seem to be an ideal solution.

P.S. Ironically, the only likely response to this post is… comment spam!

[UPDATE 5/21/2006] The above solutions seems to have worked. I guess there is a broken window effect with Wiki spam…

[UPDATE 5/21/2006 pt. 2] I’m still getting a trickle… It has also been useful to enable the RSS feed on the Wiki changes, so that I get notified immediately when these things happen.


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