May 21, 2006

Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka

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Some intriguing copy on the back of a bag of Kurkure Red Chilli Chatka (with “Extra Chatpata, Extra Mast”):

INGREDIENTS: Rice Meal, Edible Oil, Corn Meal, Gram Meal, Spices & Condiments and Salt.


A Proprietary Food.

Man-on-man love

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So, there’s a lot of man-on-man hand-holding in this town. Coming at this from a non-homophobic angle: what’s the necessity for it? What does it signify? I’ve always interpreted boy-girl hand-holding and arm-wrapping as a sublimated expression of sexual longing… And, of course, so must the rest of the Western world, since we all agree that heterosexual men should not hold hands, and should only hug at sporting events.

I’m pretty sure I have seen boy-girl hand-holding here as well. How is this hand-holding different from same-sex hand-holding? Or is it all the same, Platonic affection, and my dirty Western mind is leading me astray?


New photo set: Cubbon Park

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Just uploaded a new photo set.

Comments now enabled

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Perhaps part of the reason comments are rare and spamalicious on this site is that I hadn’t enabled posting by non-Blogger users. You will have to prove you can read wavey letters (making you approximately a human being. I actually failed this test about five times in a row when I was signing up for a .NET Passport account earlier this week. Hopefully, you all will do better), but after that you can leave comments anonymously, or under any silly name you might want to invent.

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