May 28, 2006

Coffee update

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Problem solved.

Furniture Update

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The fridge and the washing machine have returned, but the furniture is still missing. I may have exaggerated the situation in my previous post: they did take all of the furniture, but they didn’t leave us with nothing. In particular, we still have our beds and the kitchen table, and they brought us a new couch and one desk for the living room. There are two desks and several small tables still missing, so that, e.g., I have to keep my alarm clock on the floor.


Movies in Bangalore

Filed under: India — Chris @ 6:34 am (does not include The Forum, seems pretty much incomplete)
PVR Cinemas (home of Gold Class Cinemas at The Forum) (won’t let me log-in to book)
INOX (at Garuda Mall) (won’t let me browse showtimes)
Collective Chaos (film society)
Bangalore Film Society

Is it possible to book online? PVR has a booking website, but I’m not sure how it works. Tickets by SMS? Home delivery? (Why can’t I pick them up at the theatre?)

Anybody have pointers to other screenings at Nani Cinematheque?

[UPDATED 6/4/2006] More info and links.

Bless you. Not.

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There are no bless-you’s when you sneeze around here. It’s disconcerting. It shouldn’t be. I think even the most religiously observant (and I am not) would concede there’s no real necessity to invoke God every time you get some dust in your nose. (OK, perhaps the extremely observant would not pass up an opportunity to invoke God. Nevertheless…) I don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe a sneeze represents habitation by evil spirits or some loss of vital essence, but I believe very strongly that somebody should say “Bless you” after I sneeze! (I’ll settle for a secular “Gezundheit”.)

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