May 23, 2006

A4 paper!

Filed under: India — Chris @ 10:41 am

A4 paper is great. No more margin fiddling with European conference papers, and I haven’t had any problem with letter-size documents. It is a peculiar assertion of American hegemony, our heedless attachment to letter-size paper.

Also, from the Efficient Uses of Labor Dept: there is a man whose job it is to stand in the copy room, in case, e.g., you need staples, but are unsure how to load them into your stapler. We have a similar job description in the U.S., but it requires decorating your office space with cat calendars. That’s the great thing about India: lots of staples, no cats.

There are also always plenty of workers available to stare at you if, perhaps, after a week on the job, you still don’t know if the main office door opens inward or outward. And they don’t think you’re stupid. Not at all.


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