June 8, 2006

Fat India

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MSRI lunch
Originally uploaded by Chris & Hilleary.

My Indian diarrhea weight loss program is not working out as planned. I haven’t had any major problems with the food, as it turns out. A spot of indigestion because it’s pretty relentlessly spicy, but no creepy-crawlies in my gut that I’ve detected. They serve us a nice buffet lunch every day on the roof of MSR—I find myself going back for seconds and sweets pretty often (although sweets are usually some variation of rasgulla, which I haven’t acquired a taste for yet; gulab jamun is more my speed (which is very Western of me, apparently)).

I also had vague intentions of trying to eat vegetarian when I came here, since it would be so easy to do (it is, in fact, usually easier than the alternative). But the meat here is so good! Mutton! (Which means goat!) The MSR lunch usually has 4-5 vegetarian dishes and one with meat, and the meat dish is often the tastiest. I am ashamed of myself.


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