June 10, 2006


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Goats chillin near Russell Market
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Err, mutton?! And chickens. At Russell Market.


What’s up with You People?

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The list of my most viewed photos on Flickr is perplexing. Obviously some photos just have popular keywords that make people I don’t know want to look at them. But why do so many people want to look at this picture? Are lots of people searching for “shoes bangalore”? (It’s not even in the Top 50 for “shoes”, which goes to show how odd Flickr users can be. (I include myself in that statement.) And why is this the most popular photo from my Savandurga set? I guess people love to hate poor little village boys.

OK, I’m throwing down. Please add a comment to this post explaining what kind of pictures you like and why. The upshot is I will try to accomodate audience interests. On the downside, you will have to prove you are not a robot.

P.S. I have a feeling this is going to end in much the same humiliation as the “first caller gets a $20 bill” contest on my WNYU AM radio show: The prize went unclaimed. I unilaterally cancelled the show shortly thereafter. 😦

[UPDATE 6/22/2006] Self-fulfilling prophecy? Thanks to my wife for providing me a statistically random sample…


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Snacks in the MSR pantry
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I forgot about the snacks! Every day between 5 and 6 (i.e., about an hour before dinner), they bring out snacks in the MSR pantry. Typically there are two kinds of juice (e.g., watermelon, mango, grape, pomegranate) or milkshakes (that’s what they call them, but I don’t think they have ice cream in them), a variety of sandwichs (Bombay*, fruit, chili and cheese), potato chips (which they just call chips, in spite of the English influence), and some kind of “salad” slathered in something like mayonnaise.

The sandwiches and chips come in little take-away boxes with 2 sandwiches and a handful of chips each. This is a silly system, since the chips are more popular than the sandwichs—everybody just digs through the boxes for a pile of chips and you end up having to search for them in various opened boxes with untouched sandwiches.

In addition to the evening snacks, the pantry is always stocked with half a dozen kinds of fruit, a similar selection of cookies, raw almonds, soft drinks, coconut water, and of course, coffee and tea. So basically, I sit around all day and eat delicious junk food. It’s all so… un-American.

* I still haven’t quite figured out what a Bombay sandwich is. It’s grilled and it has a variety of vegetables inside it and it’s somewhat spicy.

Youth of India Today

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A survey of “sexually progressive, young Indians” in India Today magazine caused much merriment and despair amongst my single comrades from abroad. Some sample questions:

Do you think it is okay to have sex before marriage?
Yes 20%
No 79%

(7% of females responded Yes.)

Would you be willing to [live] with a person you love before marriage?
Yes 28%
No 70%

(16% of females responded Yes.)

Do you agree with the statement: It is not necessary to marry the person you date?
Yes 42%
No 54%

(58% of females responded No.)

Which type of marriage do you think is more successful: arranged or love?
Arranged 73%
Love 24%

Source: India Today, 20 Feb 2006. Available online to subscribers only.

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