June 27, 2006

I’ve Got Those Low Down Houseboy Blues Again

Filed under: India — Chris @ 6:15 pm

If your houseboy should spend the weekend watching your TV with his friends, or if he should take naps in your bed when you are not around, it is not worth your effort to complain about it. It is not worth it to explain the subtleties of your unease to the accomodations manager, who will ignore them anyway and scold the boy for some vaguely related misdeed. It is not worth it when the boy will act abashed for about five minutes and then continue to do exactly the same things over and over again. Not. Worth. It. At all.


Damn you Tabs to Hell

Filed under: Emacs, Tech — Chris @ 8:22 am

Every time I enter a new workplace, I find myself looking up this essay: “Tabs versus Spaces: An Eternal Holy War”. It fills me with a feeling of peace and serenity, and reminds me how to customize my .emacs file.

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