June 22, 2006

Least surprising news of the day

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“Condoms Found to Block a Virus Harmful to Women”:

Women whose male partners used condoms every time they had sexual intercourse had less than half the rate of infection as did women whose partners used condoms less than 5 percent of the time…. Experts on infectious diseases say they believe that condoms, when properly used, are effective in preventing papillomavirus and virtually all other sexually transmitted infections.


Note to Microsoft

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I am one of these people. Help!

Blogroll policy

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It has come to my attention that my oh-so-anonymous friend AC, of being-design*sponge‘s-boyfriend fame, has started a blog. This has inspired me to start a Blogroll, at right. Blogroll policy will be as follows:

  • I will link to friends, family, and to blogs I enjoy which are not already in the Technorati Top 500.
  • Links will be in strictly alphabetical order.
  • I will take cash for links and deliver unto you my massive and acquisitive audience. Prices start at one lakh rupees.

Elevator Console

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Elevator Console
Originally uploaded by C+H.

I have been meaning to blog this wonder of interface design all week. This is the console in the elevator in my building. Rather than having a button for each floor—as in every elevator I’ve ever seen in my life—this elevator has a calculator-style keypad. There are only 4 floors in the building (numbered 0 to 3, which makes the CS nerd in me very happy and the American in me very sad), as well as the basement/garage, which you get to by keying in “-1”. The numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 on this console serve no purpose. If you press any of these, the display reads “Er”, which can be read either as “Error” or as “Er… Are you sure you want to do that?”

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