June 20, 2006

At least the toaster works…

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Last night there was a power surge which apparently blew a fuse or tripped a breaker—none of the kitchen appliances are running this morning. When the houseboy arrived, I demonstrated to him that the fridge was not running and that the washing machine and microwave were not receiving current. He immediately lept in to action and I retired to my bedroom to drink coffee (Nescafe made with water boiled on the gas range) and eat toast.

Ten minutes later, he steps into the bedroom and says, “Sir, come, come,” so I follow him into the kitchen, where he demonstrates to me that the toaster is working, which apparently refutes my contention that the fridge is not running.

I know the toaster is working! I’m eating toast! Will you please just call your boss and have somebody bring a damn fuse?!


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