May 31, 2006

My Indian(-American) Doppelganger

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My Indian (-American) Doppelganger

I only just realized that my fellow intern Vijay is my doppelganger. (Or perhaps he is the Christopher Conway of Earth-A.) Hair: check. Glasses: check. Height (impossibly tall): check. Smile: check. Blue checked shirt: check.

So physically, we’re identical. Only I’m all pinkish sweetness and light, and he’s pure brown evil. I like Okkervil River; he likes Aphex Twin. I like Dre; he likes D. On Monday night, he was chased by a pack of wild dogs; at the same time, I was NOT being chased by a pack of wild dogs. (Wild dogs hate evil.)

Fate has a plan for us. He must be destroyed.


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